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Midjourney Styles Pack - Over 1000 Styles!

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To take your AI Art style to the next level, you need a resource which lists an insane number of styles you can easily add to your prompts.

This Midjourney Style Pack offers over 1000 styles you can try, with visual references and a sample prompt so you can see the impact it has on your images.

This pack is broken up into 11 categories, supplied as separate PDFs:

  • Generic Art Styles
  • Artist Names
  • Photography Terms and Styles
  • Anime Styles
  • 'Core-punk' Styles
  • Digital, 3D and Display Styles
  • Material Styles
  • History & Time
  • TV, Movies, Video Games & Animation Styles
  • Miscellaneous & Cool Effects
  • Mood, Color & Lighting
You will get a ZIP (55MB) file

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